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Airport window with airplane flying at sunsetWe are pleased to offer all patients our specialised travel vaccine clinic which is managed by nurse Michelle Dooley.

We advise that if possible you book your first travel consult about 8 weeks prior to departure. Please don’t panic if your planned departure date is imminent. Many vaccines can be given in the weeks immediately before travel and accelerated schedules can be put in place for certain vaccines.

Important information to bring with you at your first visit includes destination, length of stay, accommodation, planned excursions and previous vaccination history if available.

You will receive your first vaccines at your initial consultation and a planned schedule for subsequent boosters will be arranged.

We are an approved yellow fever center and can facilitate prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis.

Yellow Fever Information

The Park Clinic is a designated yellow fever center.Therefore we can provide this certification to patients who require this vaccine and receive it from our doctors. A certificate of yellow fever vaccination is obligatory if this disease is endemic in the country you are travelling to.

However, there are also restrictions in adjacent countries, where you may have less risk of contracting the disease, but may be refused entry without a certificate of yellow fever vaccination.

You should bring a detailed itinerary for your travels when coming for travel health consultation.

Points To Remember

Travel vaccines work by boosting your own immune system, so that your body can overcome the real infection when necessary.

Vaccines can sometimes cause minor muscle soreness, which can be alleviated by taking Paracetamol on the day of vaccination.

Going to work, playing sports, driving and other regular tasks will not be affected when receiving travel vaccines. Hence you don’t need to cancel any of your daily activities on the day of receiving vaccinations.

If you develop a high temperature (fever) on return from your holiday, please inform your doctor immediately. The first sign of malaria can sometimes be a fever, which may occur several months after returning to Ireland.

Fore those who are interested we would like to recommend the following websites: and

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