Private Fees
  • GP Consultation – 15 minutes €60
  • GP Consultation – 30 minutes €120
  • GP Consultation & Blood Tests €90
  • Travel Medical Consultation €50 (plus vaccine fees)
  • Cryotherapy €80
  • Implanon Insertion or Removal €150
  • Sexual Health Screening €75
  • Driving Licence Medical €60
  • Pre-Employment Medical €60-120
  • Nurse Consultation €35
  • Blood Tests €30
  • 24 Hour Blood Pressure €80
  • Flu Vaccinations €25
  • Ear Syringing (with Nurse) €50
  • Administrative Fee €20
  • Mirena Fitting €200
  • Private Smear including private laboratory fees €180
  • Menopause Consultation €120
  • Fertility Consultation €120

Our consultation fee reflects a basic consultation with a GP. Other fees may apply where additional services are provided.

All childhood vaccinations which are part of the national immunisation program are available free from our nurses.

Combined ante-natal care consultations in pregnancy may be accessed free from our nurse and doctors with prior application to the HSE.

Cervical smears are available free under the hse run cervicalcheck scheme

Treatments with cryotherapy for warts & verrucas are often paid directly by private health insurance like VHI, Aviva or Laya (Formerly Quinn Healthcare)Other minor surgical procedures such as toemail removal,mole removal and suturing may also be covered directly by your helath policy .Please check with your health insurance company prior to booking for treatment.


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