Cervical Smears


Cervical Smears

We are delighted to offer free cervical smear screening to  eligible patients via the CervicalCheck programme.

This screening service is free to all women between the ages of 25 and 60.

Our practice nurse manages our cervical screening programme and appointments may be booked directly with her at a time that is convenient to you.Smears are best carried out in the middle of your cycle.

If you have never availed of a smear through CervicalCheck you can do so in one of the following two ways.

  • Register online www.cervicalcheck.ie and take note of your ID number.
  • Telephone 1800 454 555 and obtain your ID number

Once you have have registered you will receive further invitations for repeat smears at subsequent intervals.

Results are sent directly to you by post within about one month.

In the unlikely event that your smear results show abnormalities,the nurse may advise you to return for another test within a certain time period or alternatively may make a referral to a specialist clinic for further investigation.

All recommended follow-up tests are also provided free of charge.

For further information on the CervicalCheck screening programme please click on the link.

Private or urgent smears can be carried out if necessary.This requires the services of a private laboratory and fees apply to this service. Results of private smears are usually available within about 1 week.




















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